• Audition Secrets
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    Audition Secrets

    1 video  |   Rent $1   |   Buy $5

    "What a great resource! An essential tool for an actor at any stage of their career." -Lea Thompson, Back to the Future, Caroline in the City, Cabaret

    This video unlocks the mystery surrounding the audition process from the perspective of people who make the casting decisions. From the resume ...

  • Audition Secrets Plus

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    This package has everything!
    Both the film "Audition Secrets" plus extended interviews with each of the directors from the film.

    - John Miller-Stephany (Guthrie Theatre)
    - Jack Reuler (Mixed Blood Theatre)
    - Rick Shiomi (Mu Performing Arts)
    - Peter Brosius (Children's Theatre Company)
    - M...